Issue #42 resolved
Marcus Smith
created an issue

If the "legacy" version support is meant to replicate pkg_resources, then it shouldn't be working off a discrete list for prereleases ( 'a', 'alpha', 'b', 'beta', 'c', 'rc', 'r', '@', and 'pre' )

it's whatever sorts before "final".


   Strings like "a", "b", "c", "alpha", "beta", "candidate" and so on (that
    come before "final" alphabetically) are assumed to be pre-release versions,
    so that the version "2.4" is considered newer than "2.4a1".

    Finally, to handle miscellaneous cases, the strings "pre", "preview", and
    "rc" are treated as if they were "c", i.e. as though they were release
    candidates, and therefore are not as new as a version string that does not
    contain them, and "dev" is replaced with an '@' so that it sorts lower than
    than any other pre-release tag.

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