red-dove metadata not being updated?

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C Anthony Risinger
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For a long time it seemed like pep426 was the way forward, but recently it appears to have fallen out of style (recent build abstraction threads, etc), and even the original author is no longer interested.

We've been using red-dove via distlib for quite a long time, subconsciously knowing this day would come, but alas, we never moved back to pip vanilla.

Would it be possible to re-enable the sync for a while longer? We are currently migrating back to a straight pip build and adjusting our CI appropriately.

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  1. Vinay Sajip

    The sync should still be enabled but there seem to have been some hiccups with the update script. I'll take a look. Yes, it's a shame about PEP426, but that's what happens with volunteer projects - I've been pretty busy myself with consulting work and spent very little time on distlib/distil over the last year or so, other than bugfixes. Will take it up once the dust has settled re. PEPs (and when time permits).

  2. Vinay Sajip

    Had a quick look - there are so many new dists which need to be updated that trawling through PyPI looking for what's changed, and processing it, will take a while (because a lot of files are badly written and ask for interactive input, which means I have to time them out, which adds to the time taken). If you have a subset of dists you want updated, I may be able to write or adapt a script to update just those.

  3. Nick Purvis

    Thanks for fixing this. Is the script that generates the pydist.json files open source? If not, could it be? I would like to offer my resources to establish a mirror.

  4. Vinay Sajip

    It's not fixed yet :-( and thanks for the offer, but I can't make the update script open source, unfortunately (otherwise, I would have). They aren't pydist.json files - they are files in a bespoke format which is a superset of the format in PEP426 (which I was working on while waiting for PEP426 to be finalised, but that has taken longer than my availability window). Everytime there's a hitch I run into the tail-chasing problem where the number of new releases on PyPI is just too large to process in one hit in a timely manner.

  5. Vinay Sajip

    Sorry to say I've hit some hiccups - something is taking forever to process, and I haven't yet homed in on it. I'll do the best I can, but (as I said before) if there are particular packages you are interested in, I might be able to update them quickly, and then move on to see what the specific problem is with the standard update script.

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