distlib / CONTRIBUTORS.txt

Distutils2 Contributors

The Distutils2 project was started by Tarek Ziadé and is currently
maintained by Éric Araujo.  Many people have contributed to the project.

distlib has started off using some of the code from distutil2.

If you're making a patch, please add your name below in alphabetical order,
and welcome into the Fellowship of the Packaging!

Thanks to:

- Rajiv Abraham
- Ali Afshar
- David Barnett
- Pior Bastida
- Anthony Baxter
- Erik Bray
- C. Titus Brown
- Francisco Martín Brugué
- Nicolas Cadou
- Godefroid Chapelle
- Julien Courteau
- Christophe Combelles
- Jason R. Coombs
- Pierre-Yves David
- Ned Deily
- Konrad Delong
- Josip Djolonga
- John Edmonds
- André Espaze
- Boris Feld
- Andrew Francis
- Hallvard B Furuseth
- Patrice Gauthier
- Yannick Gingras
- Filip Gruszczyński
- Walker Hale IV
- Alexandre Hamelin
- Kelsey Hightower
- Thomas Holmes
- Preston Holmes
- Christian Hudon
- Julien Jehannet
- Jeremy Kloth
- Thomas Kluyver
- Amos Latteier
- Mathieu Leduc-Hamel
- Pierre Paul Lefebvre
- Tshepang Lekhonkhobe
- Alain Leufroy
- Janusz Lewandowski
- Martin von Löwis
- Hugo Lopes Tavares
- Guillermo López-Anglada
- Justin Love
- Simon Mathieu
- Carl Meyer
- Alexis Métaireau
- Julien Miotte
- Zubin Mithra
- Derek McTavish Mounce
- Paul Moore
- Michael Mulich
- Louis Munro
- Gaël Pasgrimaud
- George Peristerakis
- Mathieu Perreault
- Guillaume Pratte
- Sean Reifschneider
- Antoine Reversat
- Arc Riley
- C. Anthony Risinger
- Elson Rodriguez
- Luis Rojas
- Erik Rose
- Brian Rosner
- Vinay Sajip
- Victor Stinner
- Alexandre Vassalotti
- Nadeem Vawda
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