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Issue #1 resolved

Windows XP launcher.msi HKLM ftype / installation folder

created an issue

I installed launcher.msi on a Windows XP system and have a couple of issues.

  • It updated the assoc/ftype entries for root and added them for my current user, but the settings in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes were not updated. Is there a way to have it update the settings for all users?

  • The launcher actually installed to "Program Files\Vinay Sajip\Python Launcher", not "Program Files\Python Launcher" as it says in the readme.

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  1. Vinay Sajip
    • changed status to open

    The second point (install folder) is a regression, I'll get that sorted out.

    The first point (registry locations) could be a permissions issue. What version of XP/which service pack? Are you an Administrator-level user on the machine which exhibited the problem?

  2. Vinay Sajip

    The regression in the installation location should be fixed in c4f8ab280f17 , and the issue of whether the registry update happens under HKCU or HKLM is a permissions issue. If you have administrator access, install using

    msiexec /i launcher.msi ALLUSERS=1

    to ensure that registry updates happen under HKLM.

    The README.txt has been updated with a section entitled "User Permissions" which explains this - see e9abf5b0d203 .

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