launcher terminates with exit code of 0 in many error cases.

Issue #11 resolved
Mark Hammond
created an issue

eg: error(0, L"Job information setting failed"); error(0, L"Unable to create process using '%s'", cmdline);

etc. An exit code of zero means makefiles or cmdlines using "py && somethingelse" all fail to detect the error.

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  1. Vinay Sajip

    Whoops! I forgot about these. I don't think the end user of the return code will care about the exact reason for failure, so it should be enough to return 1 for all such errors. Do you agree?

  2. Mark Hammond reporter

    I agree 1 would be fine, especially given we print a message. But a number "likely" to be unique to the launcher might be even better - something like 101 or any other random number < 128 :) But yeah, 1 is good.

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