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I'm experimenting with the PEP 405 virtual environment support in Python 3.3. It would be nice if pylauncher could detect an active virtual environment when searching for Python 3.3+ (e.g. look in %VIRTUAL_ENV%\Scripts if _OLD_VIRTUAL_PATH is defined).

I can add a custom command to my %localappdata%\py.ini, such as "vpython=python.exe", which works since pylauncher searches the PATH. But it would be simpler if this worked out of the box with a generic shebang such as "#!/usr/bin/python3".

Edit: I didn't check the complete list of issues beforehand. This is a duplicate of issue 15. After experimenting further to install packages with easy_install, I found out that it modifies the shebang for installed scripts. I didn't expect that on Windows.

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