'=' are not alligned in py.ini file

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The INI file is: {{{ [commands] h2=c:\Python26\python -h h3 = c:\Python32\python -h v2= c:\Python26\python -V v3 =c:\Python32\python -V }}}

It would look much nicer as {{{ [commands] h2 = c:\Python26\python -h h3 = c:\Python32\python -h v2 = c:\Python26\python -V v3 = c:\Python32\python -V }}} (or with no spaces at all)

  • Yes this is minor - because otherwise it just worked so far for me :) (though no shebang lines in my files yet)

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  1. Vinay Sajip

    It's like that because I was testing something, and then just left it like that :-)

    Anyway, that list of commands is just an example - those commands are not really useful in a production setting.

    So the issue boils down to: add some customised commands which are actually useful.

  2. Vinay Sajip

    I've side-stepped the issue by eliminating py.ini completely - this will also avoid any potential bikeshedding over what default commands to have available. Instead, there's a py.ini.template that users are expected to copy to py.ini, and to make changes in the copy. This also avoids potentially deleting or overwriting a user's configuration when the launcher is uninstalled or upgraded.

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