QUESTION: Are there any benefits to install this launcher over the one installed by Python v3.30?

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This is not a bug.

Are there any benefits to be had by installing a launcher binary from this repo, over the launcher installed by Python v3.30? When I type py --help, the py installed by v3.30 identifies itself as Python Launcher for Windows Version

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  1. Vinay Sajip

    Only that this repo and the standalone launcher may see releases more frequently that Python releases. Otherwise, they are pretty much the same, and when bugs are found, I aim to update both implementations in roughly the same time frame. But I have the freedom to release the standalone launcher at any time.

    The launcher version is tied to the Python version, it doesn't mean that it is much more advanced than the standalone version.

  2. RobertValue reporter

    I find the launcher pretty important with 4 versions of Python installed. So I am going to install over the Python 3.3 launcher.

    The version number managed to trick me then. :) Good to know.

    Thanks for the honest response :

    Otherwise, they are pretty much the same

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