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Issue #5 invalid

Files' associations do not change after installation

Piotr Dobrogost
created an issue

In the documentation there's this statement "Installing the launcher will change the file associations for Python files (ones with extensions of .py, .pyw, .pyc and .pyo). These will be handled by the installed launcher."

Neverthless after installing launcher.amd64.msi the output of both assoc .py and ftype Python.File commands is the same as before installation.

Comments (4)

  1. Vinay Sajip

    Sometimes, spurious associations are created in unexpected places. Please check the registry entries in HKCU and HKLM using regedit or similar and report what you find. Please also indicate the version of Windows you're using, whether you have admin rights and whether you installed the launcher with ALLUSERS=1.

  2. Anonymous

    I use Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit. My account has admin rights and I installed launcher without giving any arguments. Which keys in the registry should I check?

  3. Vinay Sajip

    HKCU/Software/Classes should have keys .py, .pyw, .pyo, .pyc with values Python.File, Python.NoConFile, and Python.CompiledFile

    You then should also see in HKCU/Software/Classes keys Python.File, Python.NoConFile and Python.CompiledFile which point to the launcher executables (under subkey shell\open\command).

    Similarly for HKLM.

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