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Issue #8 resolved

help output doesn't mention "-32" capability

Mark Hammond
created an issue

I was trying to use the option to specify a 32bit Python and thought the separator was ":", so tried --help but wasn't enlightened :)

I'm attaching a patch which changes the output to:



-2[.X[-32]]: launch using default or a specific Python 2.x version -3[.X[-32]]: launch using default or a specific Python 3.x version A 64bit executable will be preferred unless -32 is specified }}}

when on a 64bit OS, but uses the original message (ie, no "[-32]" and no additional line mentioning 64bits) on a 32bit OS

I'm not particularly happy with it - it kinda looks ugly - but can't workout what would be better - trying to describe in English that a -32 option is available if the minor version is also specified sounded worse. For this reason I'm attaching the patch to this issue rather than checking it in - I'd like feedback :)

Comments (5)

  1. Vinay Sajip

    How about

    Launcher arguments:
    -2		Run the default Python 2
    -3		Run the default Python 3
    -X.Y		Run a specified Python version
    -X.Y-32		Run the 32-bit build of a specified Python version

    where the last line only appears when canDo64bit is true. Does that look any better?

  2. Mark Hammond reporter

    That sounds better :) I've tweak it a little more and reformatted the strings to avoid breaks mid-string. Look OK?

    Launcher arguments:
    -2     : Launch the latest Python 2.x installation
    -3     : Launch the latest Python 3.x installation
    -X.Y   : Launch the specified Python installation
    -X.Y-32: Launch the specified 32bit Python installation
  3. Vinay Sajip

    I'd suggest one minor tweak: replace

        fputws(L"\n", stdout);
        fputws(L"\nThe following help text is from Python:\n", stdout);


        fputws(L"\n\nThe following help text is from Python:\n", stdout);
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