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Use `project @ URL` instead of `project (from URL)` for direct references

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 Some automated tools may permit the use of a direct reference as an
 alternative to a normal version specifier. A direct reference consists of
-the word ``from`` and an explicit URL.
+the specifier ``@`` and an explicit URL.
 Whether or not direct references are appropriate depends on the specific
 use case for the version specifier. Automated tools SHOULD at least issue
 For example, a local source archive may be referenced directly::
-    pip (from file:///localbuilds/
+    pip @ file:///localbuilds/
 Alternatively, a prebuilt archive may also be referenced::
-    pip (from file:///localbuilds/pip-1.3.1-py33-none-any.whl)
+    pip @ file:///localbuilds/pip-1.3.1-py33-none-any.whl
 All direct references that do not refer to a local file URL SHOULD specify
 a secure transport mechanism (such as ``https``) AND include an expected
 Remote URL examples::
-    pip (from
-    pip (from git+
-    pip (from git+
+    pip @
+    pip @ git+
+    pip @ git+