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remove no longer used view

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             if action in {
-                    "home", "browse", "rss", "index", "search", "submit",
+                    "home", "browse", "rss", "search", "submit",
                     "doap", "display_pkginfo", "submit_pkg_info", "remove_pkg",
                     "pkg_edit", "verify", "submit_form", "display",
                     "register_form", "user", "user_form",
                             requires_python=release.get('requires_python', ''))
-    def index(self, nav_current='index', releases=None):
-        ''' Print up an index page
-        '''
-        self.nav_current = nav_current
-        if releases is None:
-            spec = self.form_metadata()
-            if not spec.has_key('_pypi_hidden'):
-                spec['_pypi_hidden'] = False
-            i=0
-            l =
-            if len(l) == 1:
-                self.form['name'] = l[0]['name']
-                self.form['version'] = l[0]['version']
-                return self.display()
-        else:
-            l = releases
-        data = dict(title="Index of Packages", matches=l)
-        if 'name' in self.form:
-            data['name'] = self.form['name']
-        self.write_template('', **data)
     STOPWORDS = set([
         "a", "and", "are", "as", "at", "be", "but", "by",
         "for", "if", "in", "into", "is", "it",
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