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add new relic

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 import re
 from functools import partial
+    import newrelic
+except ImportError:
+    newrelic = None
+    newrelic.agent.initialize('/data/pypi/newrelic.ini')
 store.keep_conn = True
 CONFIG_FILE = os.environ.get("PYPI_CONFIG", os.path.join(prefix, 'config.ini'))
 # Handle Caching at the WSGI layer
 application = CacheControlMiddleware(application)
+# If we have New Relic, wrap the application
+if newrelic:
+    application = newrelic.agent.WSGIApplicationWrapper(application)
 # pretend to be like the UWSGI configuration - set SCRIPT_NAME to the first
 # part of the PATH_INFO if it's valid and remove that part from the PATH_INFO