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Send errors from the RQ worker to Sentry

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File tools/

 import os.path
 import sys
+import raven
 import redis
 import rq
+import rq.contrib.sentry
 # Workaround current bug in docutils:
 import config
 conf = config.Config(os.environ.get("PYPI_CONFIG", "/data/pypi/config.ini"))
 redis_conn = redis.Redis.from_url(conf.redis_url)
+# Create our queues
 if sys.argv[1:]:
     queues = [rq.Queue(name, connection=redis_conn) for name in sys.argv[1:]]
     queues = [rq.Queue(connection=redis_conn)]
+# Create our Worker
 worker = rq.Worker(queues, connection=redis_conn)
+# Create our Sentry Client
+if conf.sentry_dsn:
+    raven_client = raven.Client(conf.sentry_dsn)
+    rq.contrib.sentry.register_sentry(raven_client, worker)
+# Run our worker, fetching jobs from the queue