Issue #103 resolved

BeautifulSoup4 and pip-tools packages are missing when searching

John Sivak avatarJohn Sivak created an issue

When searching for BeautifulSoup4 and pip-tools with direct links (like and I receive the message:

Not Found ()

The packages had previously be listed and there seems to be no information that the packages have been removed.

When looking at, the beautifulsoup4 and pip-tools directories are listed.

I would expect the project pages to be displayed for BeautifulSoup4 and pip-tools when going to their direct links.

Comments (2)

  1. John Sivak

    Here's the answer for BeautifulSoup4 (!topic/beautifulsoup/P6Is4eUgxc8):

    "It's not by design. It's the combination of a mistake I made in October 2013 (, and something that happened on PyPI within the past few weeks which made the workaround I put into place stop working.

    I have a plan for getting all the previous versions back onto PyPI, but it's complicated (since the PyPI interface doesn't just let you upload historical versions) and I don't have time to execute it." -- Leonard

    I'm guessing pip-tools has a similar issue, possibly due to the removal of non-pypi hosted mirrors? not sure..

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