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Error when logging in to pypi using my google account

remcohaszing avatarremcohaszing created an issue

When I try to log in to pypi using my google account, I get an error 502. I am first redirected to a page to select my google account. After clicking my account I get this error. The page I am redirected to is<firstname>&<lastname>&<email>#

I am still able to log in using my username and password

Comments (3)

  1. Brett Cannon

    I had the same issue, but I was in a multi-login situation with two Google accounts on at the same time. When I logged out and into a single account I didn't have any more issues.

  2. Jim Baker

    Like Brett Cannon, I experienced the same issue with two Google accounts, despite the fact that the OpenID process offered the chance to choose the desired account. Would be nice to avoid logging into one only, but at least there's this workaround.

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