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pypi black-on-purple syntax highlights are terrible

Mike Pennington
created an issue


I have a package on pypi, which uses a">README.rst to render some example code:

.. code:: python

   from ciscoconfparse import CiscoConfParse

   parse = CiscoConfParse('edge-6509.conf')

   ## Walk all interfaces, and add missing configs
   for intf in parse.find_objects(r'^interface'):

       ## Identify missing features
       has_portsecurity = bool(parse.find_parents_w_child(r'^%s$' % line,

pypi correctly parses the restructured text, but the default black-on-purple code highlights makes it barely readable:

Problem behavior on pypi

Black-on-purple and blue-on-purple syntax highlights are awful.


Please change python .. code:: python highlights from README.rst. In a perfect world, make it look like it does on on github or Stack Overflow...

Good Example: Code Highlights from github


Good Example: Code highlights From Stack Overflow


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