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Issue #120 wontfix

Binary wheels for linux are not supported

Thimo Kraemer
created an issue

Uploading a binary wheel for linux results in an error:

400 Client Error: Binary wheel for an unsupported platform

Example file names:

  • mypkg-1.0-cp27-none-linux_i686.whl

  • mypkg-1.0-cp27-none-linux_x86_64.whl

Comments (10)

  1. Graham Wideman

    Now in a daze from stumbling around dozens of PEPs, doc pages and at least 10% of the entire internet trying to figure out exactly what wheel does and doesn't support, and what that trajectory might be... could someone answer a simple question:

    So, does this issue mean that PyPI is blocking ALL wheels for linux, including ones that only contain python modules? If PyPI does accept python-only wheels, is PyPi inspecting the entire contents, or is there some metadata that PyPI uses to determine acceptability?

    Thanks. Now going for some aspirin.

  2. Graham Wideman

    Marcus Smith Ah, thanks.

    I see what you're pointing to in PEP 425: "a user might accept only the *-none-any tags to only download built packages that advertise themselves as being pure Python."

    So, effectively, "any" is a flag for "pure" (or at least, "advertises itself to be pure"). And the thinking is that PyPI is relying on that as the basis for blocking or not.

    As an aside, this suggests that, if you're desperate to use wheel and PyPI to deliver some linux non-pure distribution to cronies with the same linux distro and Python, you could mark your non-pure distribution 'any'.

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