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Issue #136 resolved

Fix problems with Long Description and RST --- It breaks about every line of the zen of python

Jeff Hinrichs
created an issue

Please supply a testing page where package authors can paste their readme and find problems or at least speed up the edit/test cycle. I've had to do multiple releases tonight to look for an esoteric bug dealing with link names -- just to fix the long description.

We should not have to re-release to fix problems of this nature. It was doing patch level increments to solve a readme display issue?


OR better yet - disconnect long_description completely from setup.py -- it is a horrible, horrible way to do it. There is no feed back to the user, you have to check the page for brokeness, because the system fails silently, and then guess at what needs to be done to fix it. The code saw it was RST formatted but didn't like something, so it silently refused to discuss or inform and spat out text but happily accepted the upload, eating version numbers all the time.

If you want to support authors, do everything you can to stop being a choke point. There are a number of bugs about RST handling and an awful lot more broken pypi package pages because of this.