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Issue #14 wontfix

Can't add #egg=package-dev URL for package in pypi-explicit mode

Stein Magnus Jodal
created an issue

If I add a new package to PyPI, it gets the pypi-explicit mode by default now. Thus, no URLs are extracted from the long_description to the simple index, including any #egg=package-dev URLs.

The obvious way to add a #egg=package-dev URL for my package now is to use the "Add a New URL" form on the package's Urls page on PyPI. Because that form requires a #hashtype=hashvalue suffix, that doesn't work.

Thus, the current workaround is to:

  1. Register new package
  2. Switch away from pypi-explicit
  3. Upload a version of the package with a long_description with the wanted URL
  4. Switch back to pypi-explicit
  5. Remove any URLs from the "Additional File URLs" except the #egg=package-dev URL

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