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Issue #154 resolved

Request for new PyPI trove classifier for Review Board

created an issue

We develop a code review solution called Review Board, which can be extended through custom Python packages. There are many extensions being written, and we're seeing other applications and modules being written to integrate with or extend Review Board in other ways (through the API, or webhooks, etc.).

I was trying to find a good way to classify these, and I think the best way would be to have Framework :: Review Board and Framework :: Review Board :: Extensions classifiers. We'd like to make the latter the default when generating extension boilerplate, and recommend the former for other types of integrations.

Having these classifiers would make it easy for us to point users to the growing list of third-party extensions and integrations.

Would this be reasonable to add? Even if not officially listed, would it be possible for us to start recommending these classifiers?


Comments (4)

  1. christian reporter

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Right now, I know of 8 extensions currently on PyPI, and 5 non-extensions, which I know is small. I'm aware of another 8 extensions and 3 more non-extensions going up by mid-July.

    So in total, 13 right now, 24 soon. I've seen another dozen that are in development right now and a handful unregistered on PyPI that are being developed on various GitHub repositories. With our big new 2.0 release and an upcoming extension registry on our site, I expect this to go up steadily throughout the year, since registering on PyPI will be part of the requirement and instructions.

    I'm fine adding just one if that's preferred (probably the Framework :: Review Board one). Or none, if the numbers are currently too low.

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