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Issue #155 resolved

PyPI shows wrong version of a project

Oleg Broytman
created an issue

At the setuptools page I see setuptools 4.0.1. I logged in to PyPI and pressed [Ctrl]+[R] (hard reload) a few times; finally the page changed to 5.2. I logged out, cleared pypi cookies from the browser and reloaded the page a few times again. The page reverted back to 4.0.1.

Initially reported at setuptools tracker.

Comments (3)

  1. Oleg Broytman reporter

    No, I'm not on a proxy, only behind a NAT. I tested with a few browsers in different locations. Firefox with a lot of extensions; Chromium — almost default installation; both at home (Moscow, Russia). I also tested with links2 at Amsterdam (I have a VPS there); no proxy but a layer of virtual machine. All browsers reliably showed setuptools 4.0.1 while setuptools team were releasing 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2.

    But now all of them display 5.2 whatever I do (clear cookie, reload and all that). So it seems something changed at PyPI, and it seems like it's a trancient, hard to debug problem.

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