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Issue #156 resolved

easy_install fails with proxy host name mismatch

created an issue

I am placed behind a proxy server. Trying to use easy_install always fails, i.e.:

$ easy_install reviewboard Searching for reviewboard Reading https://pypi.python.org/simple/reviewboard/ Download error on https://pypi.python.org/simple/reviewboard/: hostname '<proxy_server_name>' doesn't match either of '.c.ssl.fastly.net', 'c.ssl.fastly.net', '.target.com', '.vhx.tv', '.snappytv.com', '.atlassian.net', 'places.hoteltonight.com', 'secure.lessthan3.com', '.atlassian.com', 'a.sellpoint.net', 'cdn.upthere.com', '.tissuu.com', '.issuu.com', '.kekofan.com', '.python.org', '.theverge.com', '.sbnation.com', '.polygon.com', '.twobrightlights.com', '.2brightlights.info', '.vox.com', 'staging-cdn.upthere.com', '.zeebox.com', '.beamly.com', '.aticpan.org', 'stream.svc.7digital.net', 'stream-test.svc.7digital.net', '.articulate.com', 's.t.st', 'vid.thestreet.com', '.planet-labs.com', '.url2png.com', 'turn.com', 'www.turn.com', 'rivergathering.org', 'social.icfglobal2014-europe.org', '.innogamescdn.com', '.pathable.com', '.staging.pathable.com', '.kickstarter.com', 'sparkingchange.org', 'www.swedavia.se', 'www.swedavia.com', 'js-agent.newrelic.com', '.fastly-streams.com', 'cdn.brandisty.com', 'fastly.hightailcdn.com', '.fl.yelpcdn.com', '.feedmagnet.com', 'api.contentbody.com', '.acquia.com', '.swarmapp.com', '.pypa.io', 'pypa.io', 'static.qbranch.se', '.krxd.net', '.room.co', '.metrological.com', 'room.co', 'cdn.evbuc.com', 'cdn.adagility.com', '.bandpage.com', '.ibmserviceengage.com', '.quirky.com', '.veez.co', '.x.io', '.otoycdn.net', '.scribd.com', 'www.dwin1.com', 'api.imgur-ysports.com', 'i.imgur-ysports.com', '.fxcm.co.jp', 'listora.com', '.listora.com', 'blendle.nl', '.blendle.nl', '.modeanalytics.com', 'modeanalytics.com', 'krux.com', '.krux.com', '.1stdibs.com', 'api.keep.com', '.udemy.com', 'www.piriform.com', '.ustream.tv', 'www.zimbio.com', 'm.zimbio.com', 'www.stylebistro.com', 'm.stylebistro.com', 'm.lonny.com', 'www.lonny.com', 'assets.trabiancdn.com', '.socialchorus.com', '.heritagestatic.com', 'img.rakuten.com', 'images.rakuten.com', 'img1.r10.io', 'ast1.r10.io', '*.theoutbound.com' -- Some packages may not be found! Couldn't retrieve index page for 'reviewboard'

Comments (3)

  1. Richard Jones

    Firstly I'd recommend trying the install with pip, not easy_install, since pip is actively developed and is far more robust. Then if you still run into trouble please file an issue with that project rather than PyPI, as it's not PyPI's job to deal with proxy issues :)

  2. raspy27 reporter


    I would gladly submit this to easy_install project, yet I do not know how to submit it. The link to submit a bug directed me to the place I submitted. If this was wrong, please point me to the right direction to submit an issue to easy_install.

    Best regards, Krzysztof

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