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Issue #17 invalid

pymongo installation blocked on windows

michael kearney
created an issue

windows 32 and 64, vista and 7. Installation via installer as recommended My immediate problem is with a vista 64 bit machine.

It appears to me that this is a problem with the windows installer that seems to be seeing wider use in PyPI. It is absolutely not a pymongo problem. The faulty installer has just spread to this package.

  1. I download the .exe
  2. Double click the exe
  3. The first installer window pops up and expands to the entire screen (inconvenient but tolerable. )
  4. click next to get to menu where I select the installation location.
  5. I am given one location choice in a window with two seemingly editable fields. Specifically the installer has found one python installation, the one in the registry.

I cannot clear the fields and specify another python installation. I definitely do not want to install pymongo in my default install of python. I think I can get around this. I have in the past with other packages. Today, happened to try pip, and in the course of that install I encountered a specific message from the pymongo team ( I think ) that suggested that I use the installer. I was concerned it would not work and indeed it did not.

Comments (2)

  1. michael kearney reporter

    pip install works. windows installation does not.

    BUT, a warning message is displayed that suggests that if the message is visible then the pip installation has failed, and the user should use the windows installer. the pip installation concludes by saying pymongo has been installed successfully.


    What apparently failed was a c compilation. The pip install reverted to a interpreted install. I.e. low performance. There will be people who don't notice or will ignore the message and might later observe pymongo's "low" performance. Maybe they will complain. maybe not.

    Strictly though that's a separate issue.

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