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Issue #25 resolved

Bug in request password reset

Christopher Wilson
created an issue

When I try to register for an account on PyPi I get the following error:

User registration

user "flyingcampdesign" already exists

When I click the Lost Login? link and input the same user ID, I get the following error:

user name unknown to me

How can I request a password reset?

Comments (12)

  1. Christopher Wilson reporter

    Thanks for the help Richard! Looks like the password reset page now works correctly, however I never received an email to change the password. Is there a way to check that the email is actually going out? Can you confirm the email address that the reset is being sent to?

  2. Christopher Wilson reporter

    gah... this was set up so long ago and that alias doesn't exist anymore... can you change it to pypi@flyingcampdesign.com? I just set up that alias and I'm able to receive mail on that.

  3. Christopher Wilson reporter

    NM, the reset went through to cwilson@flyingcampdesign.com and I just logged in and updated the email to pypi@flyingcampdesign.com myself. Seriously appreciate the help today, thanks man!

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