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Issue #39 resolved

PyPI returning 404 on new uploads

Jason R. Coombs
created an issue

In Setuptools 39 and Setuptools 45, we are seeing reports of the newly-uploaded distribution returning a 404, but subsequently the file appears without intervention.

I suspect what's happening is the record for the file is being added to the site before the actual file is present, so there's a few second gap where the reference to the file is present, but the content is not yet there. And because setuptools gets 44k downloads a day (1 every two seconds), the CDNs attempt to retrieve that content, get a 404, and then cache that 404 for some period of time.

Is that scenario plausible? If so, can we verify if that's the case? And if so, is there something we can do about it (specifically ensuring that a link to a file is not advertised until that link is viable)?

Comments (6)

  1. Donald Stufft

    I've fixed the immediate problem of setuptools going missing.

    The underlying issue is still there and it only happens sometimes (not sure why setuptools gets it everytime, you may be right though on the cause). I'm leaving this ticket open to track the underlying issue.

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