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Please delete or rename the "wx" package

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There is a fairly useless PyPI package named "wx" which is apparently confusing a fair number of people who really want to install "wxPython". From a post to comp.lang.python, I quote:

*I was trying to install wxPython earlier today. Not RTFMing, I tried 'easy_install wx', which ended up installing this strange module:

Looking at the download stats, it seems to be confusing ~1000 users a month, while not providing any significant functionality.

I don't really have any way to contact the author of the module. Is there any way to have this deleted/renamed?*

Can you please delete or rename it? I see no way to contact the author.



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  1. Sorin Sbarnea

    I am wondering if this is the right place to ask for this, isn't this a support issue? I have two similar renames or even alias-creation requests and I am wondering... Thanks

  2. Warren Postma

    PLEASE delete this darn package. I would rather "pip install wx" fail than install a useless module named wx that breaks my Python install, even AFTER I have installed wxPython manually (via a setup.exe installer) onto windows, this useless "wx" module persists. Complete newbies to Python would NOT be able to fix this mess.

  3. Richard Jones

    Support issues are supposed to be filed to the support tracker linked from PyPI.

    (Matěj: there's just me doing PyPI admin and unfortunately sometimes I take longer than people like responding to issues)

    I'll attempt to contact the author of "wx" to have it removed.

  4. Nick Timkovich

    Out of curiosity, why are there two separate issue trackers? The line between "support" as end-user questions, versus things that don't-work-maybe-bugs is a bit blurry. Issues on SourceForge's "Support" issue tracker seem to be a mix, just as they are here.

  5. Richard Jones

    There are two separate trackers partly because history and partly because I wanted to try to keep actual bugs separate from support issues like password change requests etc.

  6. Sorin Sbarnea

    Good question Richard, I was wondering the same myself. If I would have to guess it's only for historical reasons.

    I do find the SF tracker one of the worst ever made, not that the bitbucket one would be too powerful.

    If it would be up to me, I would vote for moving all pypi trackers to JIRA. I could help with this as I have extensive experience with it.

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