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Issue #77 resolved

pymtp has broken download link

Hans-Christoph Steiner
created an issue

It looks like the upstream download link has vanished:

$ pip install PyMTP
Downloading/unpacking PyMTP
  You are installing an externally hosted file. Future versions of pip will default to disallowing externally hosted files.
  You are installing a potentially insecure and unverifiable file. Future versions of pip will default to disallowing insecure files.
  HTTP error 404 while getting http://nick125.com/smedia/pymtp/pymtp-0.0.1.tar.gz (from https://pypi.python.org/simple/PyMTP/)
  Could not install requirement PyMTP because of error HTTP Error 404: Not Found

I have not found the updated upstream download location. pymtp is an official Debian package so the tarball is available from the Debian mirrors (see bottom of this page): http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/pymtp

Comments (4)

  1. Donald Stufft

    This isn't a problem with PyPI, you'd need to contact the maintainer of the pymtp package and ask them to update their listing. PyPI doesn't maintain them it just provides a central place for authors to maintain them.

  2. Hans-Christoph Steiner reporter

    I originally filed this bug thinking pypi was something like Debian, where packages can be marked as orphaned and taken over. This happens via the bug tracker in Debian. This package was orphaned but I've since gotten a hold of the original author, who has added me as an Owner.

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