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Missing ipv6 connectivity

created an issue is missing ipv6 connectivity, which make pip unusable for ipv6-only hosts. While getting ipv6 connectivity should have the highest priority to fix this problem, ipv6 mirrors could be published on as a workaround. At least the missing ipv6 mirrors should be documentated on this site.

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  1. Donald Stufft

    The CDN we use does not currently support ipv6 but it's on their roadmap so we'll get it for free when they do. It's possible that an ipv6 mirror exists, did you check ?

  2. gasimed reporter

    Yes, i checked them, and all mirrors were either down or had no ipv6. I rechecked right now. This mirrors have ipv6 connectivity:

    To install a package from an alternative mirror: pip install -i http://$MIRROR/simple $PACKAGENAME

    So someone finding this ticket, will be able to install pypi package, like I did. Maybe you can add a hint to

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