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ignore pycs
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add .idea to ignore
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add license; BSD boilerplate
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add ability to configure TLS and Authentication for sending PyPI mail
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Add SSH remote access.
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turns out there's README.pdf .. and probably others...
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*** empty log message ***
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Use the stored path instead of computing it each time
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Add a script and little server to run PyPI
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enable secure cookies for authomatic
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backout old changes for ES
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Merged in msabramo/pypi/fix_typo_emty (pull request #65)
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added browsing a-la Flamenco, thanks amk
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favicon needs to be in the root
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Notify users about duplicate email addresses.
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import redis
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agh static analysis
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Include a migration path for moving legacy users to a stronger hash
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Force file name to match package name. Fixes #1901694.
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Update e location.
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path changes for ximinez
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SystemRandom() not SystemRandom
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"fix" sqlite3 handling of timestamp in this one edge case
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updates for debugging in testpypi
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SystemRandom() not SystemRandom
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fix deleting of users
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Make the config.ini file relative
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Make directories (and other files) group-writable.
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Make the config.ini file relative
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Add some security headers to every response
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bring me in line with python cvs
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requests version of OAuth client access
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Update dependencies and add rfc3986
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Update dependencies and add rfc3986
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use elastic search for rpc search call
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add more useful information
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Add SSH remote access.
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Make the config.ini file relative
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Make the config.ini file relative
108.7 KB
SystemRandom() not SystemRandom
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cache calls to slow rpc methods
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committing changes from running server (all robustification)
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Add browse support to the store, add levels.
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reduce MSI magic number to 8 bytes to allow more MSIs through
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remove workaround and update verlib to the bugfixed implementation
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match what is present in distutils
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Mandate TLS