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 ``_ and run it. The script will download the appropriate .egg
 file and install it for you.
 For best results, uninstall previous versions FIRST (see `Uninstalling`_).
 Download ``_ and run it using the target Python version. The script
 will download the appropriate version and install it for you::
-    > wget -O - | python
+    > wget -O - | python
 Note that you will may need to invoke the command with superuser privileges to
 install to the system Python.
 Alternatively, on Python 2.6 and later, Setuptools may be installed to a
 user-local path::
-    > wget
+    > wget
     > python --user
 and run with any supported distutils and Setuptools options.
 For example::
-    setuptools-0.9$ python --prefix=/opt/setuptools
+    setuptools-x.x$ python --prefix=/opt/setuptools
 Use ``--help`` to get a full options list, but we recommend consulting
 the `EasyInstall manual`_ for detailed instructions, especially `the section
 	return re.sub('\d*$', incr, version)
 files_with_versions = (
-	'docs/', '', '', '', 'README.txt',
+	'docs/', '', '', '',