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Updated installation instructions, expanding on new techniques available to Windows 8 users and clarifying which technique Mac OS X users should use. Fixes #59.

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 Installation Instructions
-Upgrading from Distribute
+The recommended way to bootstrap setuptools on any system is to download
+``_ and run it using the target Python environment. Different
+operating systems have different recommended techniques to accomplish this
+basic routine, so here are some examples to get you started.
-Currently, Distribute disallows installing Setuptools 0.7+ over Distribute.
-You must first uninstall any active version of Distribute first (see
-Upgrading from Setuptools 0.6
+Windows 8 (Powershell)
-Upgrading from prior versions of Setuptools is supported. Initial reports
-good success in this regard.
+For best results, uninstall previous versions FIRST (see `Uninstalling`_).
+Using Windows 8 or later, it's possible to install with one simple Powershell
+command. Start up Powershell and paste this command::
+    > (Invoke-WebRequest | python -
+You must start the Powershell with Administrative privileges or you may choose
+to install a user-local installation::
+    > (Invoke-WebRequest | python - --user
+If you have Python 3.3 or later, you can use the ``py`` command to install to
+different Python versions. For example, to install to Python 3.3 if you have
+Python 2.7 installed::
+    > (Invoke-WebRequest | py -3 -
 The recommended way to install setuptools on Windows is to download
 ``_ and run it. The script will download the appropriate .egg
 file and install it for you.
-For best results, uninstall previous versions FIRST (see `Uninstalling`_).
 Once installation is complete, you will find an ``easy_install`` program in
 your Python ``Scripts`` subdirectory.  For simple invocation and best results,
 add this directory to your ``PATH`` environment variable, if it is not already
+present. If you did a user-local install, the ``Scripts`` subdirectory is
-Unix-based Systems including Mac OS X
+Windows 7 (or graphical install)
+For Windows 7 and earlier, download ``_ using your favorite web
+browser or other technique and "run" that file.
+Unix (wget)
+Most Linux distributions come with wget.
 Download ``_ and run it using the target Python version. The script
 will download the appropriate version and install it for you::
 Alternatively, on Python 2.6 and later, Setuptools may be installed to a
 user-local path::
-    > wget
-    > python --user
+    > wget -O - | python - --user
+Unix including Mac OS X (curl)
+If your system has curl installed, follow the ``wget`` instructions but
+replace ``wget`` with ``curl`` and ``-O`` with ``-o``.
 Python 2.4 and Python 2.5 support