Jason R. Coombs  committed 48ecb99

Make memoized zip manifests opt-in using the PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS environment variable. Ref #154.

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-* Issue #154: Cache the reading of the zip file index for cases where the
-  same zip-file is used for multiple packages (like PEX).
+* Issue #154: ``pkg_resources`` will now cache the zip manifests rather than
+  re-processing the same file from disk multiple times, but only if the
+  environment variable ``PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS`` is set. Clients
+  that package many modules in the same zip file will see some improvement
+  in startup time by enabling this feature. This feature is not enabled by
+  default because it causes a substantial increase in memory usage.


     """Resource support for zips and eggs"""
     eagers = None
-    _zip_manifests = ZipManifests()
+    _zip_manifests = (
+        MemoizedZipManifests()
+        if os.environ.get('PKG_RESOURCES_CACHE_ZIP_MANIFESTS') else
+        ZipManifests()
+    )
     def __init__(self, module):
         EggProvider.__init__(self, module)