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On Windows, binary files specified as scripts are garbled by develop.

David Genest
created an issue

If you specify a binary file to the scripts= parameter of setup, the develop command copies the script with bytes 0D converted to 0A, garbling the binary data.

I have traced this to the text mode file opening in setuptools/command/ (introduced in c9e11fdff773).

If I change from open(script_path, 'rU') to open(script_path, 'rb') the binary files are copied correctly.

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  1. Jason R. Coombs

    David, I'm not sure distutils/setuptools should necessarily support arbitrary binaries as 'scripts'. In the Python documentation, it defines scripts as "Scripts are files containing Python source code". Under this assumption, it's reasonable for setuptools to open these files as text.

    I acknowledge that you've created pull request 60 to address the regression, but I'm reluctant to accept that pull request as it adds quite a bit more undocumented special casing, creating more untested, implicit requirements on setuptools.

  2. Jason R. Coombs

    What I'm failing to understand is why easy_install.install_egg_scripts doesn't encounter this same error, since it apparently uses dist.get_metadata to load the script as a binary blob.

    Can you provide a reference to a project (preferably one with minimal dependencies and system requirements) that experiences this failure?

  3. David Genest reporter

    As I understood the feature, and the usage we have in a normal install, is that scripts are copied to the python Scripts installation directory. On windows, this brings a fine way to include things in a package that can be bundled and used with the package, binary or not.

    For example, we bundle a custom version of the python interpreter built with another build system (but it could be any other auxiliary binary support file). Let's call it myPython.exe (with it's runtime dependencies (dll etc)). The package to be installed is Now when people install, they get also get myPython.exe installed, and it is available in the environment.

    It is very practical that this feature works also with the develop command, and having a different semantics from the install and the develop command seems like a bug. Even if binary support is not explicitly mentioned in the docs, using binary files specified as scripts break only on windows because of the line ending translation caused by text mode opening. This happens only with the develop command.

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