Issue #44 resolved

fix winbot/py 2.4.4 bug

Adam Groszer
created an issue

====================================================================== ERROR: test_md5 (setuptools.tests.test_packageindex.TestContentCheckers)

Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\buildslave\setuptools_master_py_244_win32\build\setuptools\tests\", line 150, in test_md5 self.assertEqual(, 'md5') AttributeError: name

Comments (7)

  1. Jason R. Coombs

    It appears the hashlib backport doesn't implement the full API of the canonical hashlib module (not supplying the .name attribute). Thanks so much for running these tests on Python 2.4.

  2. Jason R. Coombs

    Bitbucket also provides a 'POST' service, which can POST details about commits (and possibly other activity) to the service to trigger a build. If there's an endpoint at to consume that API, I'd be happy to have the BB repo trigger a build.

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