#72 Merged at ce0a6b1
  1. Melvyn Sopacua

When installing packages with namespace_packages in setup.py, __init__.py is not installed, but the exclude list is broken causing their compiled versions to end up in outfiles. In turn, this outputs a faulty list when adding the --record option. Package building systems depending on the record functionality to build their own packing list now break.

This can be observed on a FreeBSD system, with python3 installed and installing for example textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-bitbucket.

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  1. Jason R. Coombs

    Hi Melvyn. Can you please file a ticket describing in a little more detail the issue encountered and how one can replicate the failure? A minimal example would be much more helpful.

    Also, this PR adds quite a bit of code, inline with existing code, and without any comments, documentation, or tests, so it's very difficult to tell what it intends to do (of course, the status quo isn't much different). Some points of concern: It's not obvious to me why 'get_tag' should be the indicator for this behavior; I wonder if excluding everything in __pycache__ would be more appropriate; or perhaps whatever consumes get_exclusions should be excluding __pycache__.

    After doing a second review, I agree your implementation extends the existing patterns to follow Python 3 __pycache__ constructs, and is probably acceptable. Would you consider adding a test to capture this new requirement?


  2. Melvyn Sopacua author

    Hi Jason,

    I can do that. And I'll add some comments. May be a few days, but it's on my cross-hairs ;)

  3. Jason R. Coombs

    I've decided to go ahead and merge this. I'll be extracting a function to provide some documentation.