More flexibility about tags when shipping binaries

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Armin Ronacher
created an issue

Currently there are a few situations that I would like to generate tags for but I can't.

In particular I have the following setups I care about:

  • 2.x/3.x universal wheels that ship native extensions not linked against libpython and thus python version independent
  • 2.x or 3.x specific wheels without abi identifier because not linking against libpython

This is from what I can tell not possible without monkey patching. Currently I'm doing this:

if bdist_wheel is not None:
    class CustomBdistWheel(bdist_wheel):
        def get_tag(self):
            rv = bdist_wheel.get_tag(self)
            return ('py2.py3', 'none') + rv[2:]
    cmdclass['bdist_wheel'] = CustomBdistWheel

I was thinking of sending a pull request but I'm not sure what the cleanest way to solve this is.

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