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Issue #185 new

Binary Wheels not linking against libpython

Armin Ronacher
created an issue

I'm currently using various different hacks that sometimes fail to create wheels with the following qualities:

  • they are manylinux1 and mac wheels
  • they use cffi to load shared libraries
  • they do not link against libpython

Sadly they cannot be generated currently. The only way that sort of works is to put the shared libraries into the purelib root and it's not really purelib, is it.

Ideally there was a way to say: this wheel is py2.py3, has a manylinux/mac platform but no python abi.

Comments (2)

  1. Daniel Holth

    I was looking at the get_tag() function. It appears you can already specify --plat-name= while building a 'pure' wheel if you want. This is of course less convenient than having wheel find the current platform name automatically, and is 'less pure' than using platlib.

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