David Schneider committed 261f8ce

modify slave lists for ARM builder

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                    "locks": [ARMXdistLock.access('exclusive'), ARMBoardLock.access('counting')],
                   {"name": JITBACKENDONLYLINUXARMEL,
-                   "slavenames": ['hhu-beagleboard', 'hhu-i.mx53'],
+                   "slavenames": ['hhu-i.mx53'],
                    "builddir": JITBACKENDONLYLINUXARMEL,
                    "factory": pypyJitBackendOnlyOwnTestFactoryARM,
                    "category": 'linux-armel',
                   # app level builders
                   {"name": APPLVLLINUXARM,
-                   "slavenames": ["hhu-beagleboard", "hhu-i.mx53"],
+                   "slavenames": ["hhu-beagleboard"],
                    "builddir": APPLVLLINUXARM,
                    "factory": pypyARMTranslatedAppLevelTestFactory,
                    "category": "linux-armel",
                    "locks": [ARMXdistLock.access('counting'), ARMBoardLock.access('counting')],
                   {"name": JITLINUXARM,
-                   "slavenames": ["hhu-beagleboard", "hhu-i.mx53"],
+                   "slavenames": ["hhu-beagleboard"],
                    'builddir': JITLINUXARM,
                    'factory': pypyARMJITTranslatedTestFactory ,
                    'category': 'linux-armel',
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