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     The <a href="">Performance Plots</a> will give you
       an overview of performance for recent revisions.
   <li class="{{ }}">
     The <a href="summary?branch=&lt;trunk&gt;">Summary Display
     &lt;trunk&gt;</a> will give you a failure-oriented summary for recent
   <li class="{{ }}">The <a href="tgrid">Transposed Grid Display</a> presents
   the same information as the grid, but lists the revisions down the side.</li>
-  <li class="{{ }}">The <a href="console">Console</a> presents 
+  <li class="{{ }}">The <a href="console">Console</a> presents
   a user-oriented status page.</li>
   <li class="{{ }}">The <a href="builders">Builders</a> and their most recent builds are
   <li class="{{ }}"><a href="about">About</a> this Buildbot</li>
-<!-- PyPy specific: comment out the clean shutdown button
-{%- if authz.advertiseAction('cleanShutdown') -%}
-{%- if shutting_down -%}
-Master is shutting down<br/>
-{{ forms.cancel_clean_shutdown(cancel_shutdown_url, authz) }}
-{%- else -%}
-{{ forms.clean_shutdown(shutdown_url, authz) }}
-{%- endif -%}
-{%- endif -%}
-<p><i>This and other pages can be overridden and customized.</i></p>