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compatibility / lxml


For PyPy trunk (or >= 4.1)

You need to:

  • make sure Cython is installed: pip install cython

For PyPy up to 4.0.1

lxml doesn't quite work on this PyPy, but you can give it a try anyway.

  • make sure Cython is installed: pip install cython
  • grab the source, for example with pip install -I --build=/tmp/build --no-install --upgrade lxml
  • then cd /tmp/build/lxml and manually delete two files: rm src/lxml/lxml.etree.c and rm src/lxml/lxml.objectify.c to force Cython to regenerate them
  • then python setup.py build and python setup.py install

lxml has also been forked and wrapped with cffi. While this fork does pass the full lxml test suite, it is only current with lxml 3.4.0 and is not likely to get future updates. See https://github.com/lxml-cffi/lxml-cffi.

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