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PyPy Sprint Checklist

This is a hands-on checklist for organizing a PyPy sprint. 
Usually there is a least one person driving the sprint from 
the developer's side.  And one or more people preparing the
event locally (organizing room + internet, providing some
information about local oddities etc. :-)

pre (usually done by a local organizer + a pypy-developer)

- find someone who can organize locally a good place with (at least)
  these characteristics:

  - for at least 12 people

  - with an permananent internet connection

  - with enough chairs and tables

  - with a nearby possibility to get food

  - facilities to make coffee and tea

  - a whiteboard or something to draw pictures on (in a shared session)

  - a beamer, if possible (otherwise try to bring it externally)

- discuss goals with developers and (pre-)announce sprint

  - first clear the list of pypy-sprint subscribers

  - pre-announce to pypy-dev telling shortly about the planned event,
    goals in order to gather feedback if the planned event will get enough
    "insiders" interested.

  - one developer should (after appropriate discussion) make the announcement 
    to c.l.py & python-dev plus any lists which might be interested for that 
    specific event (like e.g. lispers :-). Don't forget to mention all 
    the helpful local people who make this event happen!

logistics (usually done by the local organizer)

- make sure there is a detailed description how to get to the sprint 
  location by train, plane, car

- try to help people to find accomodation (it's usually a lot easier for
  a local to judge/recommend (or organize in the best case) accomodation 
  than for all the people from abroad)

- if neccessary recommend a week-ticket and some public transport plan
  so that people know how to move in that city. 

technical advice for sprinters

- subscribe to pypy-dev

- everyone has to have an account on codespeak and should check *BEFORE* 
  the sprint if everything works (including subversion-checkouts/checkins)

- follow the discussion on pypy-sprint/pypy-dev at least the two weeks
  before the sprint :-)

at the sprint

- to be done :-)