extradoc / minute / post-eu-structure.txt

post-EU PyPy organisation discussion


Samuele Pedroni, Anders Chrigström, Christian Tismer, Anders
Sigfridsson, Michael Hudson, Antonio Cuni, Richard Emslie, 
Stephan Diel, Alexander Schremmer, Georg Brandl, 
Maciej Fijalkowski, Guido Wesdorp, Carl Friedrich Bolz, 
Armin Rigo, Holger Krekel, Lene Wagner 

*disclaimer*: Below are keypoint results of the sprint discussion 
about the organisation of the open-source PyPy project after
the EU funding period.  

- PyPy's future as an open-source project should be shaped
  by the community and the people contributing and involved with it

- development and communication continues as before: 
  - pypy-dev
  - IRC 
  - sprints (fewer, though, likely) 
  - #pypy-sync (maybe on a fixed date like 1st thursday each month)
  - meetings of interested people involved with a particular topic
  - in case of unresolved conflicts: caretakers 

- make the new main entry point to
  pypy, and make the website a bit more independent of 
  {dist,trunk,release}/pypy/doc structure.  That might
  also make sense for the 1.0 release already. 

- have a "caretakers" group of people for the next year of 
  PyPy development (so until 1st april 2008 - 1st april
  is a good day for project news, anyway),

- the name is open for discussion

  "care for the next year of PyPy development" means: 
  - keeping conceptual integrity of the code base and project
  - settling roadmaps / dev targets / new releases 
  - organising communication within the community 
    (including regulating commit rights/structure) 
  - talking to / negotiating with external parties
    (including the EU partner organisations) 

  Regarding the caretaker people/group: 
    - group may get extended by the group if everybody agrees
    - agree to working with each other
	- everbody is free to leave
    - members should employ an overall project perspective 
    - confirmation from community (sprint, pypy-sync) 
    - may include non-technical persons on a regular basis
    - consensus decisions, or majority decisions after a break
	- non-attending people may re-raise a topic/decision
      if they disagree with the decision of the attending people

  - mailing list
  - protected subversion area for mail drafts, internal issues

  suggested candidates: 
  samuele, cf, armin, hpk, michael 
  (bea, lene integrated and others 
   consulting/joining on case-by-case basis)

- make statements to the community about future plans soon,
  particulary noticing that the development pace will slowdown. 

- start determining how to go about external funding opportunities

Background notes 

- full-time maintenance is going to end 1st April, 
  Martin (merlinux) may care a bit after that. 
  There will be some (shared?) physical hosting costs and hopefully multiple
  volunteers helping out with sys maintenance/care.  Martin would
  probably also be happy to continue somewhat professionally 
  for a fee to maintain the server. 
  background: merlinux as a company will do some sort of break/sabbatical
  starting around april-june, lasting until end of the year, 
  but nevertheless considers future project opportunities. 

- major focus of march-may will still be EU related goals and deadlines 

- next sprint likely not before EuroPython