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Anders Lehmann b1c521d 

what: weekly pypy-sync meeting
where: #pypy-sync on freenode
when: 2006-03-30, 5pm Central European Time for 30 minutes
who: all active PyPy developers


- activity reports
- the status of uthreads. It is needed by the logic implementation.
- is it premature to think about setting up a buildbot, and is builbot the right tool

- next pypy-sync meeting. I propose that the next pypy-sync meeting will be at april 20. due to Leysin sprint and easter.


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arigo: hi
auc: hi
stedi67: hallo
aleale: hi
aleale: I guess arre, pedronis are not coming. hpk ?
ericvrp: hi
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aleale: I think we can start with our 3 lines
auc: LAST : refactoring of the Logic Space
auc: NEXT : choice : integration of constraint code into PyPy's core, or making logic space compilable
auc: BLOCKER : logic space -> bug-free greenlets/threads, constraints -> picklable greenlets/threads
aleale: PREV: trying to understand OWL semanticsNEXT: Sprintblockers: too small mental bandwith
ericvrp: LAST: pyllvm using ctypes
ericvrp: NEXT: more of that and write tools to aid C++ -> C api
ericvrp: BLOCKERS: -
arigo: PREV: a bit on the JIT
arigo: NEXT: more on the JIT, before the official sprint begins
arigo: BLOCKERS: -
aleale: any one else ? mwh is on holliday I guess
stedi67: LAST: complex/set impl
Gromit: PREV: trying to register ctypes structures with the extrigistry
stedi67: NEXT: refactoring of these
stedi67: BLOCKERS: my brain
aleale: The only blocker we can address is actually the next topic
aleale: - the status of uthreads. It is needed by the logic implementation.
Gromit: NEXT: trying harder
Gromit: BLOCKERS: not mucht time till the sprint
aleale: Does anyone have a comment on the status ?
auc: yes
auc: we will need working greenlets real soon now
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auc: true micro threads can wait
auc: and could be postponed for a while
arigo: good to know
aleale: hi Carl
cfbolz: sorry
arigo: but it seems that nobody here can comment on the current status of the greenlets
auc: afaik samuele or christian could
aleale: Carl and Samuele did something in Belgium
auc: samuele seems to know what's missing to have them working
auc: maybe carl knows too
cfbolz: arigo: I can a little bit
auc: aleale: that's what i've been refactoring
cfbolz: there are still problems with the framestate, I think
cfbolz: plus, they are not really well exposed to applevel
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cfbolz: but the basic mechanisms are there and work well
nikh: hi! sorry for being late ...
cfbolz: the most work will be to make nice interfaces
auc: cfbolz: it's quite easy to hit the framestate stuff
cfbolz: yes
cfbolz: christian knows how to solve it, I think
auc: what are your thoughts abou nice interfaces ?
cfbolz: we have to get him to do it
auc: (the current one ... sort of satisfies me)
cfbolz: auc: well, I think it makes sense with interfaces that exist already
cfbolz: like the stackless module, greenlets
cfbolz: coroutines
cfbolz: auc: logic variables are in a way another interface to microthreads
auc: hmm
auc: not sure i understand this
cfbolz: why?
auc: but i personnally see no special problem with this interface stuff ...
cfbolz: well
cfbolz: it is part of wp7
auc: will christian be at leysin ?
arigo: who knows?
cfbolz: nobody
auc: he seems to be quite busy with stuff unrelated with coroutines/stackless/...
aleale: He hasnot put his name in people.txt yet
ericvrp: he mentioned to me this he probably will not be able to make it to Leysin
auc: so i read it as : won't be there
Gromit: according to my last chat with him, chris will be at leysin
Gromit: ericvrp, sigh
arigo: that's what I meant by "who knows"
ericvrp: Gromit, so we are still unsure
Gromit: yep
cfbolz: I advise to put it into the minutes that work on coroutines is getting essential
Gromit: managing programmers is like herding cats
auc: he doesn't show up to often on #pypy either
auc: s/to/too
aleale: I will put it in the minutes that we need Christian to look into this
cfbolz: auc: he does, just at american times
aleale: Next topic ?
cfbolz: fine with me
aleale: Buildbot - to premature ? not the right tool ?
aleale: s/to/too
cfbolz: I think it might not perfectly fit our problem
arigo: what is precisely our problem?
aleale: Many options that needtesting
aleale: but maybe we should wait till we closer at be "production" ready
cfbolz: I know that holger has worked on some stuff in that direction recently for hp
cfbolz: using execnet
aleale: cool
cfbolz: I guess our problem is that we don't know the problem we want to solve yet 
cfbolz: who proposed the topic?
aleale: I did - had to invent some topic
auc: pypy is traversing some sort of crisis ...
cfbolz: auc: huh? why?
auc: lack of topic at pypy-sync is a sure sign ...
cfbolz: rather a lack of activity, I would say
Gromit: yep, cfbolz
cfbolz: arigo: but indeed, sometimes it would be cool to be able to do translation/tests faster. although it has not become a fundamental problem that hinders work
auc: does this mean we are done for today ?
aleale: One more topic
aleale: next pypy-sync meeting. I propose that the next pypy-sync meeting will be at april 20. due to Leysin sprint and easter.
cfbolz: when is easter?
nikh: easter is 16./17. april
arigo: 16th
cfbolz: ah
aleale: Who will moderate it ? I am not able to do it
auc: i can do that probably
cfbolz: great
aleale: I n Denmark the 13/14 is a holiday too
aleale: great 
aleale: Anymore topics ( my list is exhausted )?
aleale: else: See you in Leysin
Gromit: bye
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auc: bye
ericvrp: bye