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PyPy Summer of Code mentors and plans 


Michael Hudson
Christian Tismer 
Anders Chrigstroem 
Holger Krekel 

People already registered as a PSF mentor:

Michael Hudson
Carl Friedrich Bolz 
Aurelien Campeas (pending)
Samuele Pedroni 
Armin Rigo 
Christian Tismer (pending)

On the 27th of April or so, mwh will send a list of all
not-yet-registered mentors to Neal Norwitz.

possible topics by keyword

- orthogonal persistence
- implementing security models, e.g. sandboxing 
- work on high level backends 
- transactional memory 
- writing extension modules 
- various optimization approaches 
- extending py.test to support distributed testing 
- specialized propagators for the constraint solver [1]
- efficient builtin numeric arrays [1]
- a template system for python code [1]

[1] see wp09_10_ideas.txt for more complete descriptions.