extradoc / sprintinfo / leysin-winter-2006 / planning.txt

holger krekel 47d9491 

work and ski days 

monday: some start of hacking 
tuesday: (jacob, arre, niklaus, alexandre, aurelien, michael)
         09:00 AM starting time for half-day ski-ing 
         15:00 sprinting time 

wednesday-friday: sprinting, maybe more half-day ski-ing 

tasks tackled during this sprint 

- progress on logic object space 
  (alexandre, aurelien, Anders)
  - integrate constraint-solver
  - implement stackless-thread-cloning 

- stackless as a CFG transformation   
  - heading towards thread pickling 
  (holger, michael)

- move rctypes towards something usable 
  (Armin, Arre)

- GC works 
  - finalize explicit-exceptions 
    (and GC cleanup) branch 
  - weakrefs 
  - GC performance 
  - support moving GCs 

- play with core optimizations 
  - type impls
  - tagged integers 
  - lazy slicing / concatentation 

- progress on JIT 

- progress on ootype / gensqueak  
  (niklaus, samuele)