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extradoc / sprintinfo / october-2008 / planning.txt

Düsseldorf Sprint Planning

People present:
    - Carl Friedrich
    - John
    - Anto
    - Alexander
    - Samuele
    - Iko
    - Armin
    - Holger in practice

 - improve the 64-bit JIT backend MORE PROGRESS (John, ...)
   loops are working now

 - add a py.test -A builder

 - look at the TODO list of the buildbot stuff

 - merge the 2.5 branch DONE
 - fix more CPython tests ALWAYS PROGRESS (Anto, Iko)

 - start implementing get/set/delslice on a branch MERGED

 - malloc-removal-directed inlining to reduce the code size SOME PROGRESS

 - measuring memory behaviour

 - run memory-benchmarks nightly?

 - builtin-profiling branch needs to be merged DONE

 - measuring startup behaviour IN-PROGRESS: problems are marshalling, compiler

 - measuring the base interpreter size DONE

 - take a quick look at marshal

 - look at compressing unicodedata DONE, other approach needed

 - add code to print statistics to mark-and-compact DONE

 - cbuild.py refactoring IN-PROGRESS (Maciek, Samuele)

 - PEPM abstract (Carl Friedrich, Armin)

 - fix stackless stuff (Armin, Carl Friedrich)

 - clean up the room (all)

 - take over the world plan (Holger, Alexander)

Discussion Tasks:

 - JIT roadmap after planning session
 - C++ bindings‽ 15.00 today DONE