extradoc / sprintinfo / paris / ootype.txt

Samuele Pedroni 6c0ae22 

holger krekel 577412c 

Samuele Pedroni 6c0ae22 

drafted a target type system for rtyping which has first-class support
for classes: ootype

primitive types are the same as in lltype,

to define a type of instance (a.k.a. class) we introduced

Instance(name, <superclass>, <fields>, <methods>)

<superclasss> = None|another Instance
<fields> is a dict mapping names to ootypes, or tuples (ootype, default-value)

callable in ootype are either typed StaticMethod(arg-types, result-type)
or Meth(art-types-without-self, result-types)

they have constructors:

`static_meth(STATICMETHOD, name, **attrs)`
`meth(METHOD, **attrs)`

<methods> is dict mapping names to meths

there is a new(INSTANCE) operation to create new instances.

We started a concrete implementation of this model running on CPython,
and adding annotation/rtyping support for the ootype itself.

We also started refactoring the rtyper such that a parameter type_system
can be given to the constructor/Translator.specialize to choose
either "lltype" (the default) or the new "ootype".

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