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Hi pypy-dev!

Welcome to a slightly unconventional sprint report
(only fair for this slightly unconventional sprint):
The first three days of the Trillke-sprint were fully
dedicated to EU-reporting, considering
that it may be slightly more fun to write them
knowing that everybody else is doing the same,
and that's what this report is about.

The coding sprint report will follow, once the writers
will have managed to travel home and recover a bit.

Each of the 14 work packages that PyPy promised
to do to the EU will conclude with at least
one report due in the next month, and the target
of the report sprint was to wrap up most of them
and even deliver some to the EU already, also
to have some spare time for coding works in March.

In addition, there were the so-called 'review
recommendations' - some first project period
feedback by the Commission, requesting that the
reports should meet scientific standards, include
references and in general be useful for other than
filling the EU's archives purposes.

So, everybody was busy collecting papers, writing
footnotes and consider overall sense-making strategies
of the EU-reports, many of the results can be found here:

A big effort went into the D12 report (prototypes,
backends) taken care of by Samuele, Arre, Anto, Guido,
Armin and overall coordinated by Holger, who also got
Niko on the boat for remotely writing a section
on the JVM backend.

And then there were D02.1, D14.2, D01.2-4, D13.1, D03.1,
D09.1 not to speak of the periodic/final EU management related
reports and (sigh) the D06.1 report, being worked on by
Holger, Anto, Arre, Stephan, Samuele, Lene, Carl Friedrich,
Bea, Armin, Niko, Guido, and even the jet-lagged Michael and
Richard helped with reviews and consultancy.

Carl Friedrich, the very patient report release manager,
took care for overall finalization and pdf-ing of reports
apart from driving and starting the D06.1 report.

Bea, Holger and Lene sat together dicussing ideas for
overall activity reporting. On Wednesday, we finally managed
to send out a pile of reports to the EU project officer,
also presenting a commonly discussed table of planned
report deliveries.

And then the OLPC laptop came - introduced by Christian
bringing it directly from Pycon to the
PyPy group - which more or less stopped all report writing
in exchange for people gathering around the machine
and starting hacking. But luckily it was only
Wednesday afternoon when it arrived and the belly-
dancers were about to conquer the sprint room anyway  :) 

(Actually, Armin continued working with the OLPC on the
breakday and managed to port the Bub-n-Bros client to it,
getting one step closer to the PyPy3000 goal of running
Bub-n-Bros on every imaginable platform.)