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+Hello everyone
+I would like to advertise a PyPy-related summer internship at
+the National Center for Atmospheric Research, which is located in lovely
+Boulder, Colorado. As for the last year, the mentor will be Davide del Vento,
+with my possible support on the PyPy side.
+The full details of the application are to be found on
+`the internship description`_ and make sure you read `the requirements`_
+first. Important requirements:
+* Must currently be enrolled in a United States university.
+* Only students authorized to work for any employer in the United
+  States will be considered for the SIParCS program.
+* Must be a graduate or under graduate who has completed their sophomore year.
+If you happen to fulfill the requirements, to me this sounds like
+a great opportunity to spend a summer at NCAR in Boulder hacking on atmospheric
+models using PyPy.
+.. _`the internship description`:
+.. _`the requirements`: